Everything You Own Is Anagrammed

by Family Bike

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Recorded at Casa de la Kuehn from March to November of 2014.

Huge thanks to Kory Urban for letting me use your acoustic guitar <3


released May 26, 2015

Taylor Haag–drums
Karl Kuehn–guitar, vocals, bass, synth, percussion, accordion, crap

All words and songs by Karl Kuehn except "Places" and "Kith and Kin" by Taylor Haag.

Cover image "The Secret Society of French-Canadian Girls" © Matt Adrian: www.mincingmockingbird.com
Mastered by: Bill Henderson



all rights reserved


Family Bike North Carolina

we met in middle school

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Track Name: Big Diction
I haven't picked up my guitar in weeks
cuz I've been dying to win you over
and now I realize that I've been failing
so I'm about to stoop a little lower
cuz all my friends think that you're psychotic
that you're more than confused you're an idiotic
people pleaser with no conviction
who gets drunk then slurs through his diction
and I thought that it was cute
when we first started talking
but now I think it's fucking grating
I had a dream the other night you were dying
and woke up pissed because I knew it was fiction
you're a poor excuse for sad and single
in that button-down all covered in wrinkles
I remember I made fun of you
last time you wore that shirt
but I don't care anymore
Track Name: The Best Sleep
I always got the best sleep
in the passenger's seat of your SUV
on highway 17, on I-40, or the 133
and you always preferred driving
when you were high
and I didn't mind
cuz at least you were a nice guy
back in 2012 when we were bored as hell
but it's not like that now

cuz in my dreams
I'm losing teeth
and as a result it seems
i'm losing sleep
I've got deep hatred for
my anxiety
stemming from all the time
I've wasted on you and me

"Easy/Lucky/Free" was my favorite song
when I was just 16 and thought
that you could do no wrong
but boy I was so wrong
now I'm 24 and god forbid I want more
than what you're giving to me
than what you buy at the store
I want nice biceps
and a good broad chest
I don't want no regrets

could it be that I am finally moving on?
and pretty soon I won't feel like
every choice I make is wrong
focusing on the things I want/ need to have
like a lover with brains
and a new cool butt to grab
Track Name: Idiot Boy
If I could I would already
have you in my bed and
erased all the memories
of the brunette that came before me
tho the high bar's probably a different story

a tiny piece of heaven
born in '87

just three years and one day apart
we're so the same man
we're stuck on the cusp
we're both compassionate and vulnerable
you're uncertain
but I think this is possible

I love you Phillipp Boy
Track Name: Heat Rash
I heard you're growing out your beard
well that's great, keep it away from me
and when you graduate next year
I heard you're moving across the sea
see I can get behind that
if it gets you off my back
I know I said that I wouldn't be bitter
well, I'm bitter

I heard you liked them studious
so I started reading books
I heard you liked them tan and confident
so I improved my summer looks
and from June to August I was looking fine
but it was all such a waste of time
I know I said that I wouldn't be bitter
well, I'm bitter

and I just wanted you to know before you go
that if you're finally sick of sleeping alone
that I'd be down to go another night
and I'll be free sometime after five
if you love your mother that's enough
you don't have to act so tough

you frustrate me to the max
in that straight boy shirt from Gap
we've both got flaws
man without a doubt
but to you the worst
would seem coming out
in those pinstriped pants you're unabashed
I'm a dog with fleas and a heat rash
honestly we could both do better
but whatever
Track Name: Places
She said that her parents didn't read to her much as a kid
she preferred to watch MacGyver
and all the creative things that he did
now she's 25 and she's glad to be
alive with a gift
to find the good in all people
and treat every new day like a win

I've been to all these places
and I can't believe
I just found you

It's not her high education that keeps my attention at times
use my eyes like a camera to capture her mantras
and stains on her teeth from the wine
oh my god! oh my god! I need your help
my goldfish has reached the end of its line
So we laughed and we cried and we said our "goodbyes"
with a smile and a "see ya next time"
Track Name: How I Survived November
Could you do me one favor please
and learn the fucking words to this song
the chorus and the verse and the melody
and how to sing along

and I'm sorry that I haven't been in touch much
but I promise there's no other men
I just haven't found the joy in company lately
I'll hit you up when it's fun again

don't expect me to remember
your birthday if when or whether
we made plans for things together
I barely survived November
Track Name: Nobody's Business
I'm having a panic attack
driving home from a show
while "I Will Remember You"
by Sarah McLachlan
is playing on the radio
then you looked at me
and said "your mood lately's
been less than groovy"
okay that's not exactly
what you said maybe
but I heard you baby

and I won't make it if I try
no I have fallen down by the wayside
I think it's inevitable now I die
cuz I've been wasting time
like it's nobody's business

can't you see
you're better off alone
than you are with me
I'm insecure unstable
and barely sweet
and I don't even practice
what I preach to you
don't make excuses baby
I'm just a fool
I'm better off alone
just listening to Tool
can't you tell we're so doomed

and I won't make it if I try
no I have fallen down by the wayside
I think it's inevitable now I die
cuz I've been wasting time
like it's nobody's business
and I've finally earned death

you said "baby come and talk to me"
but you were never really listening
you said "come on baby, don't try to hide it"
I just saw a red flag and I kept trying to fight it
you said "baby come and talk to me"
but you were never really listening
no you were never really listening
Track Name: When You're Young
Every day you convince me
that you've changed
but you never have
and you never will
cuz you are never anything
these days–I'm sorry I can't say the same
I'm sorry I can't say the same, bud

cuz when you're young
you get hurt by everything
and I know you
you don't believe in anything
but you needed the facts
when the facts weren't easy
cuz if you think the pros outweigh the cons
well, you're dreaming

I know the truths not what you want to hear
but just comforting you wouldn't be quite fair
you're not off the hook
no you're not going anywhere
but it's not like you to really care
no it's not like you to care at all

and even with a healthy dose of sentiment
you're still quick to start an argument
and it goes back and forth
and on and on and on
even if you're wrong
you're unstoppable
especially if you're miserable
when you're young

when every day is so the same
and you start to feel like things will never change
remember when I hates Sugar Ray
now I listen to them every day
Track Name: Kith and Kin
Mom I know it's been too long
since I last made it home
and dad I'm cool to talk again
if you can make it to the phone

coach, it seems like once again
'gonna take one for the team
ex-lover, I still play the songs
we liked at seventeen

we may live far apart,
but you'll always have a home in my heart

think of all the ones you love
the ones you love the most
and keep them close
and keep them close
and keep them close

sister how's the old school?
are you following the rules?
brother at your new job
just do the best that you can do

neighbors, ya still got my basketball
missed shots; I'm no '33'
and nana, are those pearly gates
as bright as you thought they'd be?

you're talking me down
while I'm talking you up
I know you get scared
when we talk about love
Track Name: Dylan's Room
Well I've been thinking a lot
about that time we did shrooms
in that one bedroom house
we used to call Dylan's room
and for four hours straight
we played Album by Girls
and now that one stupid night
makes all the sense in the world
cuz I only wanna be with you

you put chapstick on your hands
cuz you said they were dry
and then you couldn't use your phone
do you remember I cried
cuz everything that night
was so goddamn perfect
do you remember the lights?
do you still think I'm worth it?
cuz I only wanna be with you

and yeah it's kinda fucked how
so much has changed
and we're all older now
and we're set in our ways
and I don't know what brought on
this nostalgic kick
but I apologize for every time
that I was a dick
but c'mon really what was I
supposed to do
because when feelings got tossed around
where were you?
you were playing devil's advocate
and twice removed
you weren't thinking 'bout
the shrooms we did back in Dylan's room
now I only wanna be with you
and I don't even know why
Track Name: Carson Daly
6:00 PM on a Sunday
I'm having a breakdown
you used to think I was cool
now you don't want me around
and it's not like I blame you
I've become some sort of clown
a caricature of myself
I wish I was someone else
I wish we were somewhere else

I was way more comfortable
back at your house
smoking weed on the couch
just zoning out
to Total Request Live
with Carson Daly
I'm sorry I was looking
for more than friends
it's just the way god made me